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Faculty of Economics
University of Tehran

Advanced International Trade

Fall 2008



            Dr. Alireza Rahimi Boroujerdi

10:00 Sat, Mon
Office Hours: 8-10, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed or by Appointments,

This is a graduate course in international trade. This course is a required course in international trade for the graduate field of international economics. A good knowledge of undergraduate level of international trade will be very useful. However, the motivated student can learn easily as we progress. Participants are expected to have completed the core macroeconomics and microeconomics theory courses and a good background on econometrics. This course provides an understanding of the forces which influence a trading nation's position in the international economy, including the questions that will be addressed fundamental determinants of the patterns with trade, and the gains from trade, the role of international factor endowments, international trade policies, imperfect competition, trade barriers, motivations for interfering with trade, economic integration and trade regulations.
Trade theory is the richest lode of applied general equilibrium theory. Here, we will study aspects of international trade at a rigorous level, though the analysis will be primarily graphical in nature, employing some amount of calculus. There are two goals in the course. First, we will develop a solid grounding in the analytics of modern trade theory and, second, we will master some tools to use for practical trade analysis. This is an ambitious agenda and will require sustained effort. Thus, I will calculate the semester grade by weighting each two hours examination 20%, the final examination 30%, and class presentation (see below) 30%. Additionally, I will raise your semester numerical score if you make an excellent contribution to class.


Class Presentation:

Each student will be expected to make a class presentation once during the semester on one of the following topics. You can determine the approximate timing of the presentation by seeing where that topic fits into the schedule of required reading assignments.

1/ The Effects of International Trade on Growth.

2/ The Relation between Devaluation and the Trade Balance.

3/ The Effects of Trade Restrictions on Growth.

4/ Foreign Investment and Trade Dependency

5/ Estimation of Factors Contribution to Growth

6/ Factor Proportions and Comparative Advantage

7/ International Factor Price Equalization

8/ Export Instability and Economic Growth

9/ The classical and Neo-Classical Theory of International Trade

10/ Others


Required Texts:

RahimiBoroujerdi, Alireza, Theories and Policies of International Trade, Scientific Publication of IAU, 2004

Dixit, A. and Norman, V. Theory of International Trade, Cambridge University Press.

Ethier, Wilfred J. Modern International Economics, W.W. Norton and Company

Bhagwati, J. International Trade: Selected Readings, The MIT Press.

In Addition, there will be a Supplementary Set available at the Faculty of Economics' Book Store.


Woodland, A. International Trade and Resource Allocation, Amsterdam: North Holland.

Greenaway, D. and Winters L.A., eds. Survey of International Trade, Oxford Basil Blackwell.

Jones, R. and Kenen, P. eds. Handbook of International Economics, North Holland.

Krugman, P. Rethinking International Trade, MIT Press.

Grossman G. Imperfect Competition and International Trade, MIT Press.

Bhagwati, J. and Srinivasan, T.N. Lectures on International Trade, MIT Press.

Helpman, E. and Krugman, P. Market Structure and Foreign Trade, MIT Press.

Vousden, N. The Economics of Trade Protection, The Cambridge University Press.

Markusen, James R. and Melvin James R. The Theory of International Trade, Harper and Row.

Jones, R. W. International Trade: Essays in Theory, North Holland.

Mordechai E. Kreinin, International Economics, A Policy Approach, Fourth Edition, HJ Publishers.


Required Reading Assignments

1-Pure Theory of International Trade:
A- Smith Theory of Absolute Advantage, Ricardo Theory of Comparative Advantage, The Effects of International Trade under Constant, Increasing and Decreasing Cost, Offer Curve and Investigating the important Elasticity of International Trade, Heckscher and Ohlin Theorem, Relative and Absolute Factor Price Equalization, Alternative Theory of International Trade Such as: Kravis Theory, Linder Theory, The Leonief Paradox, The Factor Endowment Theory, Factor Intensity Reversal, Natural Resources Intensive, Human Capital and Skill Intensive, Economies of Scale theorem, Trade under Imperfect Competition, Intra Industry Trade, Inter Industry Trade, Product Differentiation Theorem, Trade Under Perfect Monopoly, Trade under Dumping, Similarity of Preferences Theorem, Demand Reversal Theorem, Technological Progress and Technological Gap Theorem, Product Cycle Theorem, Trade under Transportation Costs: Partial Equilibrium Analysis and, The Stolper-Samuelson Theorem . These topics are all selected from RahimiBoroujerdi, Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. and Dixit-Norman Chapters, 2, 3,4,7,and 9. and Ethier, chapters, 4, 5 and 6.

B- Hla Myint, "The Classical Theory of International Trade and the Underdeveloped Countries", From Supplementary Set.

C- Paul A. Samuelson, "International Factor-Price Equalization Once Again", From Supplementary Set.

D- Romney Robinson, "Factor Proportions and Comparative Advantage", From Supplementary Set.




2- International Trade and Economic Development
A- Dynamic Analysis of International Trade Such as Changes in Tastes, Factors of Production and Technology, analysis of Terms Of Trade , The Effects of Economic Development on Terms of Trade, Immiserizing Growth, A Study About Economic Growth and Economic Development, The Effects of Economic Growth on International Trade, The Rybczynski Theorem, The Effects of Economic Growth on Trade of Small Country, The effects of Growth on Trade of Large Country, The Effects Of International Trade on Economic Growth, Vent-for-Surplus Theory, Static Comparative Cost Theory, Dynamic Productivity Theory, Cordon Theory, Hicks Theory, Haberler Theory, Dependency Theory, Theory of Unequal Exchange, Baran Theory, Frank Theory and, The Theory of Multinational Corporations. These topics are all selected from RahimiBoroujerdi, Chapters, 11 and 12. and Bhagwati, J.

B- T. M. Rybczynski, "Factor Endowment and Relative Commodity Prices", From Supplementary Set.

C- Jagdish Bhagwati, "Immiserizing Growt", From Supplementary Set.

D- Irving Brecher and S.A. Abbas, "Toward a Theory of Foreign Aid", From Supplementary Set.

E- Michael Bruno, "Estimation of Factor Contribution to Growth Under Structural Disequilibrium", From Supplementary Set.

F- James Riedel, "The Nature and Determinants pf Export-Oriented Direct Foreign Investment in A Developing Country: A case Study of Taiwan", From Supplementary Set.

G- Anne O. Krueger, "Export-Led Industrial Growth Reconsidered", From Supplementary Set.

H- Jose De La Torre, "Foreign Investment and Export Dependency", From Supplementary Set.




3- Trade Restrictions, Economic Integrations and Commercial Policies
Trade Restrictions: Non-tariff barriers, Tariffs, Lerner's Symmetry Theory, Ad-Valorem Tariff, Specific Tariff, Compound Tariff, Variable Tariff, Anti-Dumping Tariff, Single Tariff, Countervailing Tariff, Multiple Autonomous Tariff, Multiple Conventional Tariff, Optimum Tariff, Value Added and Effective Tariff Rate, The Effects of Tariffs on Economy: General Equilibrium Analysis, Partial Equilibrium Analysis, Free Trade against Protective Policies, Arguments for Tariffs, Import Quotas, Custom Quotas, Import Licensing, Bilateral Quotas, Unilateral Import Quotas, Mixed Quotas and, The Effects of Quotas on Economy. Economic Integration: Preferential Trade Arrangements, Free Trade Area, Custom Union, Common Market, Economic Union, Trade Creation, Trade Diversion, Dynamic Effects, General Equilibrium Analysis of Economic Integration, The Conditions of Economic Integration, Economic Integration in LDC, The Economic Relations of North and South, WTO. Commercial Policies: Import Substitution Strategy, Export Promotion Strategy, New International Economic Order, Less Developed Countries and NIEO, Export Instability in LDC, An Empirical Investigation about the Trade in Iran. These topics are all selected from RahimiBoroujerdi, Chapters, 13, 14, 15. and Dixit-Norman, Chapters, 5 and 6. and Vousden, pp. 25-100.

B- Peter C.Y. Chow, "Causality Between Export Growth and Industrial Development", From Supplementary Set,

C- Geoffrey N. Soutar, "Export Instability and Concentration in the Less Developed Countries", From Supplementary Set.

D-Elio Lancieri, "Export Instability and Economic Development: a Reappraisal", From Supplementary Set.

E- Albert O. Hirschman, "A Generalized Linkage Approach to Development, With Special Reference to Staples", From Supplementary Set.

F- John Black, "Arguments for Tariffs", From Supplementary Set.


Final Examination





نوشته شده توسط <دكتر رحيمي بروجردي >    

   8:26 | لینک  |  

Alireza Rahimi Boroujerdi

Professor of Economics

University of Tehran- Iran


استاد تمام دانشكده اقتصاد دانشگاه تهران؛ تخصص: اقتصاد بين‏الملل؛ تدريس: تجارت بين‏الملل،‌ ماليه بين‏الملل و همگرايي اقتصادي و جهاني‏سازي در

دوره‏هاي مختلف *

قابل توجه تمامي كاربران و علاقمندان مطالب اين سايت: مجموعة نوشته هایی كه در اين صفحات تحریر می شوند، بخش هایی از کتاب های مختلف من هستند که به طور عمده، از کتاب های "جهانی سازی"، "اقتصاد اخلاق"، "همگرایی اقتصادی" و... انتخاب شده اند."

. اينجانب آمادگي خود را براي راهنمايي‏هاي بعدي علاقمندان براي ارايه مطالب تكميلي اعلام مي‏كنم. :

1- يادداشت‏هاي جديدم را در زمينه‏هاي مختلف مي‏توانيد در سايت مورد علاقه‏ام "فردوس" مشاهده كنيد.


2- آدرس وبلاگ در سایت پرشین بلاگ:


3- آدرس سایت قطعات ادبی:


4- آدرس سایت کتاب هایم:


توجه: برای اطلاع از آخرین اخبار ایران و جهان و سایر اخبار و موضوعات جالب، لطفاَ به ادامه همین ستون مراجعه فرمائید.

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پست الکترونیک


آخرین اخبار ایران و جهان، علمی،

اطلاعات فناوری، موسيقي، سینما،

ورزشی، وووو :

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