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Faculty of Economics
University of Tehran

International Trade
Fall 2008



Dr. Alireza Rahimi Boroujerdi

10:00 , Sat – Mon
Office Hours: 8-10, Sat,Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed or by Appointments,

This course concerns the issues of International Trade which is a branch of International Economics, for undergraduate level. Knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics at intermediate level are prerequisites. Topics covered include basic reasons for trade such as comparative advantage, factor endowments, how nations trade, the gains from trade and distribution effects of tariffs. International Trade is an especially useful subject to think in a broad spectrum, to find and make use of theories and data for analyzing global issues, to recognize and clearly define an issue requiring analysis or a problem requiring a solution, and it develops our capacities to analyze both macro and micro economics issues in a general equilibrium and open economy framework. To put what is learned to work, we will use theory to understand the world economy. To do so, we will have discussion sessions on selected current international topics on a regular basis. Thus, I will calculate the semester grade by weighting each two hours examination 30%, the final examination 30%, and class presentation 10%. Additionally, I will raise your semester numerical score if you make an excellent contribution to class.

Class Presentation:

Each student will be expected to make a class presentation once during the semester on one of the International Trade topics. You can determine the approximate timing of the presentation by seeing where that topic fits into the schedule of required reading assignments.

Required Texts:

RahimiBoroujerdi, Alireza, Theories and Policies of International Trade, Scientific Publication of IAU, 2004

Dominick Salvatore, International Economics, Schaum's Outline Series in Economics.

Grennes, Thomas, J. International Economics, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.


Kenen, P. B. The International Economy, Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall.

Pomfret, R. International Trade: An Introduction to Theory and Policy, Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

Appleyard, D. and Field, A., International Economics, Richard D. Irwin Inc.

Ethier, Wilfred J., Modern International Economics, W. W. Norton.

Grennes, Thomas, International Economics, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Sodersten, Bo, and Reed, Geoffrey, International Economics, 3rd Edition.

Lindert, Peter, H. International Economics, 9th Edition, Irwin.

Greenaway, D. International Trade Policy, London: Macmillan.

Required Reading Assignments:

1-Pure Theory of International Trade:
Mercantilism, The views of Thomas Mun, Davenant, Petty, Antonio Serra, The Concept of National Wealth. Smith Theory of Absolute Advantage: Free Trade and increase in Welfare, The concept of Autarky, Absolute Advantage in Two Countries, Ricardo Theory of Comparative Advantage: The Hypothesis of the Theory, Limits for Mutually Advantageous Trade, Gains from International Trade, Opportunity Costs Theory: The Concept of Theory, Production Possibility Curve, Contract Curve and Isoquant, Expansion Path, Edgeworth Box Diagram and PPC, Consumption Frontier, Comparative Advantage with more than two Goods and two Countries. These topics are all selected from RahimiBoroujerdi, Chapters, 1,2,3,4 and 5. and Grennes, Chapters 3-7


2- Neo-Classical Theory of International Trade
The Effects of International Trade under Constant Costs: The Concept of Theory, The Conditions in which a Country Face Constant Costs, Marginal Rate of Transformation under Constant Costs, The Limits of Trade, Gains from Trade, Complete Specialization, Equilibrium Ratio of Exchange, Different Cases and One Special Case. Increasing Cost: The Concept of Theory, The Conditions for Increasing Costs, Trade Under Assumption of the Similarity of Technology and Factor Endowments but differences in Taste, Gains of International Trade, International Trade with Demand and Supply: Community Indifference Curves, The Trade Indifference Map, Marginal Rate of Substitution, Trade Under Assumptions of similarity of Taste but differences in Technology and Factor Endowments, Offer Curve, Factor Endowments and the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem, The Leonief Paradox, Alternative Trade Theories, Terms of Trade and Trade Liberalization under WTO. These topics are all selected from RahimiBoroujerdi, Chapters 6, 7 and part of 8 and 9. and Salvatore Chapters 5 and 6 and Pomfret Chapters 14 and 17.


3- Trade Restrictions and Commercial Policies
Trade Restrictions: Non-tariff barriers, Tariffs, Ad-Valorem Tariff, Specific Tariff, Compound Tariff, Variable Tariff, Anti-Dumping Tariff, Single Tariff, Countervailing Tariff, Multiple Autonomous Tariff, Multiple Conventional Tariff, Effective Rate of Protection, The Effects of Tariffs on Economy: Partial Equilibrium Analysis, Free Trade against Protective Policies, Arguments for Tariffs, Trade Restrictions and the Theory of Optimal Intervention, Commercial Policies: Import Substitution Strategy, Export Promotion Strategy, An Empirical Investigation about Trade in Iran. These topics are all selected from RahimiBoroujerdi, Chapters, 13 and 15. and Lindert, Chapter 13.

Final Examination




نوشته شده توسط <دكتر رحيمي بروجردي >    

   8:50 | لینک  |  

Alireza Rahimi Boroujerdi

Professor of Economics

University of Tehran- Iran


استاد تمام دانشكده اقتصاد دانشگاه تهران؛ تخصص: اقتصاد بين‏الملل؛ تدريس: تجارت بين‏الملل،‌ ماليه بين‏الملل و همگرايي اقتصادي و جهاني‏سازي در

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. اينجانب آمادگي خود را براي راهنمايي‏هاي بعدي علاقمندان براي ارايه مطالب تكميلي اعلام مي‏كنم. :

1- يادداشت‏هاي جديدم را در زمينه‏هاي مختلف مي‏توانيد در سايت مورد علاقه‏ام "فردوس" مشاهده كنيد.


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